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Black-bellied_whistling_duck_Lafreniere_Park_2020_1Black-bellied_whistling_duck_Lafreniere_Park_2020_1A black-bellied whistling duck (Dendrocygna autumnalis) stands on a log against water glowing from the light of the setting sun in Metairie, Louisiana. Mid April marks the return of birds to the Gulf States as they continue their spring migration north to summer nesting grounds. Join me for a day or a full weekend of photographing a wide assortment of birds in southern Louisiana. The tour is customized to your interests so choose shore birds, wading birds, nesting birds, urban birds or a combination. Potential birds include a wide range—from songbirds to marsh birds to shore birds, and may include common terns, roseate spoonbills, reddish egrets, scarlet tanagers, black skimmers, brown pelicans, white ibis, black-bellied whistling ducks, wood ducks and more.

To keep participants safe from the threat of Covid, this group workshop has been changed to private tours. I will take individuals out to photograph birds in the southern Louisiana area. Each person can select the day(s) they want to go out and then the destination will be selected based on where the participant wants to go and what they want to photograph. Each date is one destination but multiple days for multiple locations can be purchased. Location options will be provided after registration.

DATES: Select day/dates between April 9 and 25
LOCATION: Southern Louisiana
RATE: $950 per person per day; payment due in full at registration (after confirming locations)
GROUP SIZE: two max per day; must be in same party/family

Join professional and award-winning nature photographer, Dawn Wilson, for a photo workshop to capture the stunning beauty of Louisiana's Gulf Coast. This is peak season for spring bird migration along the Central Flyway and you will be sure to go home from a busy day of photography, including a morning shoot, an afternoon shoot plus editing instruction with a wide variety of stunning bird photos.

Scarlet_tanager_Grand_Isle_2016_1Scarlet_tanager_Grand_Isle_2016_1A scarlet tanager (Piranga olivacea) pulls a mulberry from the tree on Grand Ilse, Louisiana WHAT IS INCLUDED
- guide service
- photography instruction
- transportation to photo locations

- all meals
- we can pick up food to eat in the field and order take out
- lodging
- transportation to and from photo location from home (if local to New Orleans) or lodging

- Please be prepared to be in wet sand by either having waders or waterproof pants/rain pants. A skimmer pod is a great tool as well for low-angle shots on the beach. 


And be sure to check out my other workshops. New ones continue to be added.