Photograph brown bears in coastal Alaska with Dawn Wilson


2019 Brown Bear Workshop Details
Brown_bear_LCNP_2017_3Brown_bear_LCNP_2017_3A brown bear sow (Ursus arctos) runs down through the water as she chases a salmon in Lake Clark National Park, Alaksa.
Brown_Bear_LC_25Brown_Bear_LC_25A brown bear (Ursus arctos) walks down the beach along Cook Inlet at sunrise in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska. Photograph by Dawn Y. Wilson,, [email protected]










Workshop information:
- Dates: August 31 to September 3, 2018 in Lake Clark National Park
- Price: $5,100 per person
- Deposit: $2,000 (due at registration; balance due by March 1, 2018)
   (I recommend purchasing trip insurance.)
- Participants: 6

Brown_Bear_LC_10Brown_Bear_LC_10A brown bear cub (Ursus arctos) paws at his mother's nose on a very rainy day in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska. Photograph by Dawn Y. Wilson,, [email protected] Optional add-on workshop:
Wildlife of Homer, Alaska 
(bald eagles, sea mammals, moose)

Dates: August 29-30, 2018
Price: $800 per person 
- Deposit: $200 (due at registration; balance due March 1, 2018)

Join award-winning, professional wildlife and nature photographer, Dawn Wilson, on a trip of a lifetime to photograph brown bears in their natural habitat along the coast of Alaska.

We will travel to scenic Lake Clark National Park to be in the bear's world where we will watch and photograph them as they chase salmon, dig for clams in the mud flats, feed on sedge grasses in the meadows, play, and possibly see little cubs.

Additional optional activities and opportunities include fishing and photographing the lush landscape of inactive volcanoes and beaches.

Brown_Bear_HB_27Brown_Bear_HB_27A brown bear (Ursus arctos) looks past the camera in a close-up view while walking through a sedge meadow near Hallo Bay in Katmai National Park, Alaska. We will meet in Soldotna, Alaska on the evening of August 30 for a meet and greet before we fly to Lake Clark National Park the next morning. A small aircraft will take us on our hour-long flight to Lake Clark National Park on the morning of August 31. Once in Lake Clark, we will stay at a comfortable lodge right on the coast of Cook Inlet, complete with warm, home-cooked meals at every meal. This location is in the center of bear activity with bears sometimes even walking through the property.

The field adventure begins right away with a professional bear guide. Field outings to find bears will involve some walking, but most trips are on a trailer pulled by an ATV. We will fly back to Soldotna on the morning of September 3. We recommend booking your flight home on September 4 in case of any weather-related delays and due to the drive back to Anchorage. Or extend your stay in Alaska; I am happy to share some ideas for places to see.

Bald_Eagle_Anchor_Point_2016_2Bald_Eagle_Anchor_Point_2016_2Two bald eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) fight over a fish at Anchor Point, Alaska. If you choose to join me for an optional wildlife photography workshop in Homer, Alaska, you'll get the chance to see moose, bald eagles, sea mammals and sea birds. We'll spend two full days in the field in Homer and in the area around Homer. 

Why go with Dawn? Participating in a photo workshop with Dawn, recognized as a top-ten female nature photographer by Wild Planet Photo Magazine, provides the opportunity to get more personal attention from an experienced and passionate nature and wildlife photographer. Her goals for your photography include helping all participants with composition, teaching about animal behavior for better photos, instruction on how to create visual and emotional impact, and understanding camera techniques. Your photo workshop leader has a varied skill set and can provide a wide variety of photography instruction, including guidance for camera equipment, Photoshop and Lightroom, and how to get the best photos of birds, bears and landscapes.

Brown_bear_LC_1Brown_bear_LC_1A brown bear sow (Ursus arctos) scratches her leg while she watches the nearby water for salmon as her two cubs sit patiently behind her on a cloudy day in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska. During down times and as desired by the workshop participants, we will download, edit and critique photos from the trip.

Cost for Lake Clark includes:
- all meals, transportation and lodging (double occupancy) in Lake Clark National Park
- roundtrip airfare to and from Soldotna to Lake Clark
- field instruction and guide services
- software instruction
- permits and park fees

Cost for Homer includes:
- breakfast each day
- lodging (double occupancy) in Homer
Sea_otter_4Sea_otter_4A sea otter (Enhydra lutris) cleans his paws with his tongue at sunset in the Homer Bay in Homer, Alaska. - transportation from Homer airport, during workshop and to Soldotna and to
   Anchorage after Lake Clark
- field instruction

Cost DOES NOT include:
airfare to or from home to Anchorage
- transportation to Homer
- lodging, transportation or meals in Anchorage
- tips for lodge staff and bear guide
- alcoholic beverages at lodge


I look forward to having you join the group in Alaska!

About Dawn Wilson

A s a professional wildlife photographer, writer and Master Naturalist, Dawn travels extensively throughout the Rocky Mountains and Alaska photographing the animals of high latitudes and high altitudes. These animals love the cold and remote regions as much as she does, and she enjoys sharing her stories and photos to encourage others to see and conserve these beautiful regions.

Her work has appeared in numerous publications, calendars and photo exhibits, including Outdoor Photographer, Colorado Outdoors, Wyoming Wildlife, Defenders of Wildlife, National Geographic Digital, MotorHome and Colorado Life. She was also recognized as a Top Ten Female Nature Photographer to Watch by Wild Planet Photo Magazine.




Or for more information, email Dawn at [email protected]

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