Night Skies of Rocky Mountain National Park

Milky_Way_Bear_Lake_RMNP_2020_1Milky_Way_Bear_Lake_RMNP_2020_1The Milky Way above Longs Peak and BEar Lake on a spring evening in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. Rocky Mountain National Park's vast size and high elevation make it an ideal location for astrophotography. The park straddles the Continental Divide, giving opportunities to photograph in deep dark skies or capture a little of the warm glow from the lights of the Front Range. Longs Peak, the park's and northern Colorado's highest mountain, sits in the southern region of RMNP putting it below the center of the Milky Way, which also stretches into the southern sky. 

Milky_Way_Mushrooms_RMNP_2023_1Milky_Way_Mushrooms_RMNP_2023_1The full arch of the Milky Way rises above the tundra of Rocky Mountain National Park as the glow of the lights from the Front Range add a little yellow while the pink on the left side comes from the Northern Lights. Take a private photo tour visiting four locations within the park to capture stunning images of the night sky. Summer is an ideal time when the center of the Milky Way is visible in the Northern Hemisphere and Trail Ridge Road opens for travel across the park. Locations for photographs include alpine lakes, mountain peaks and unique rock formations. Time the tour around a meteor shower and there may be some additional celestial objects in the photographs. 

Milky_Way_Poudre_Lake_RMNP_2019_2Milky_Way_Poudre_Lake_RMNP_2019_2The Milky Way drops into Poudre Lake along Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. Private tours can be booked for up to three people. Start and end times are based on the time of year for the visibility of the Milky Way. Available dates (based on moon phase) are listed below. Weather is always the part of night photography that can't be controlled. If conditions appear unfavorable for a nighttime photo tour, the tour will be rescheduled or refunded. 

Tour includes:

- personal instruction
- travel to and from destination, including pick up at your lodging in Estes Park (tour cost is for instruction and guiding, and not for transportation services)
- guiding to the locations, including information about the night sky, apps to use and why these locations work
- additional information about the park as requested to prepare you for future visits

Milky_Way_RMNP_2022_1Milky_Way_RMNP_2022_1The Galactic Center of the Milky Way rises above the Rocky Mountains in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. Prices

- FOUR-LOCATION TOUR: $450 for first person (about 4-5 hours)
- $65 per additional person
- Payment due in full at time of booking to reserve and guarantee your requested tour date. Fees for service are strictly for photo instruction and naturalist education; they are not for transportation. By submitting payment, you are agreeing to my tour policies.

Dawn Wilson Photography LLC is permitted and insured to run photo tours in Rocky Mountain National Park. 

Please read my workshop information prior to booking for additional details. 

Email or text Dawn Wilson at 970-567-6109 to book your tour today!

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