Private Photo Tour in Rocky Mountain National Park

Moose_RMNP_2017_4Moose_RMNP_2017_4A bull moose (Alces alces) walks through a pond surrounded by fall color on a cloudy day in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado Dawn Wilson offers private photo tours and wildlife safaris in Rocky Mountain National Park, one of the most scenic and popular parks in the National Park System. 

Each photo tour is customized to your skill level and interests, with the option to go out for a full day, half day, or on a sunrise or sunset photo experience. You will walk away with lots of new tips and tricks to improve your photography while enjoying this amazing park. 

As a resident of Estes Park, basecamp for Rocky Mountain National Park, Dawn's knowledge of the park comes from first-hand experience of being in the park on a regular basis. She knows where to look for animals—like moose, bighorn sheep, pikas, and more—as well as the best sunrise and sunset locations for gorgeous photos for your walls. Fan_in_Fall_RMNP_2020_1Fan_in_Fall_RMNP_2020_1The Roaring River flows past the fall colors of the Alluvial Fan on a fall morning in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Are you local to Colorado and just looking to learn more about the park? A full-day tour is a great option to get an overview of everything the park has to offer—from the best trails to the most scenic vistas to hidden spots for wildlife—so you can come back and explore the park over and over again. A full-day tour includes exploring the east and west sides of the park, if Trail Ridge Road is open.

Private tours can be booked for up to three people. Start and end times are based on the time of year for sunrise and sunset.

Pika_RMNP_2017_6Pika_RMNP_2017_6A pika (Ochotona princeps) holds a mouth fullful of flowers and plants as he stops on a rock on his way to add to his cache of food for the winter in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado Tour includes:

- personal instruction
- travel to and from destination, including pick up at your lodging in Estes Park
- guiding to spot wildlife, including instruction on how to find the animals
- landscape destinations at sunrise and/or sunset as well as other landscape
   destinations during the day to prepare you for future visits


- FULL DAY: $485 per person
- HALF DAY: $350 per person
- SUNRISE/SUNSET: $250 per person
- $65 per additional person
- Payment due in full at time of booking to reserve your date

Please read my workshop information prior to booking for additional details. 

Email or text Dawn Wilson at 970-567-6109 to book your tour today!