NEW! 100 Things to Do in Estes Park Before You Die

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NOW AVAILABLE! Order this new title from Dawn Wilson, professional and award-winning nature photographer, Rocky Mountain National Park guide and writer for Estes Park Trail Gazette. Filled with 100 things to do in Estes Park and the surrounding area — from staying at a lord's historic cabin to taking a ghost tour to seeing dark skies — this book is full of fun and unique things to do in Estes Park.

Downtown_Estes_sunrise_EP_2021_2Downtown_Estes_sunrise_EP_2021_2A colorful sky of clouds adds drama above the peaks of the Continental Divide bathed in alpenglow and the fall colors of downtown Estes Park, Colorado.

Views of Estes Valley, with the awe-inspiring scene of mountain peaks along the Continental Divide, have garnered the same wide-eyed response from first-time visitors as far back as when Joel Estes first settled in the area in 1860. But there's much more to this mountain town that sits at 7,522 feet at the base of Rocky Mountain National Park. 100 Things to Do in Estes Park Before You Die provides ample suggestions for discovering its valleys, trails, and its history rich with characters and stories unlike any other in Colorado.

  • Softcover
  • 160 pages
  • Publish date: March 15, 2023
  • Price: $18.00 plus shipping and handling

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