Red_Fox_GTNP-2016_5Red_Fox_GTNP-2016_5A red fox comes up to his partner and gives her a peck on the nose on a snowy afternoon in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming Thank you for your interest in joining me in the field to photograph some of the most spectacular locations and subjects for nature photographers. All of the workshops and tours that I lead or co-lead strive to have a low instructor-to-photographer ratio so that we can provide the helpful guidance you want for improving your photography and capturing stunning images. 

I love being out in the field and I am excited to share this enthusiasm with you, to show you why I love the outdoors, and provide as much info as I know to help you bring home beautiful shots from these locations as well as lots of knowledge about the location. 

I no longer host my own group photo tours but have been working with other high-quality tour companies. Here are the photo tours and workshops I have coming up through WildSide Nature Tours and Women in Wildlife Photography. If you are interested in a private tour, including Rocky Mountain National Park, or would like more info about any of these opportunities, please email me.

Red_Bald_headed_uakari_Peru_2023_1Red_Bald_headed_uakari_Peru_2023_1A teenage female red bald-headed uakari (Cacajao calvus rubicundus) peaks out from the leaves in the jungle near Nauta, Peru. OFFERED BY WILDSIDE NATURE TOURS

- Yellowstone: Winter Wildlife Photography: January 2024. 1 Space Available!

- Amazon 2024: Peruvian River Boat Photography and Birding Adventure: February 2024

- Belize: Birds and Monkeys Photo Safari: March 2024

- Alaska: The Nature of Nome: June 2024

- Galapagos: Wildlife and Photography Adventures: September 2024

COMING SOON: Bald eagles of Washington, Winter Birds in Northern Minnesota, Tundra Wildlife of Colorado, Fall Colors of Cuyahoga National Park



Birds of the Louisiana Gulf Coast: April 2024

COMING SOON: Landscapes and Wildlife of Glacier National Park, August 2024
Mountain_goat_Glacier_2016_4Mountain_goat_Glacier_2016_4A mountain goat (Oreamnos americanus) stands in a field of alpine flowers at Logan Pass in Glacier National Park, Montana