Moose_RMNP_2019_9Moose_RMNP_2019_9A moose calf (Alces alces) stands up in thick, tall green grasses on the edge of a forest on a sunny day in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.


Moose_LongDraw_2018_2Moose_LongDraw_2018_2A bull moose (Alces alces) stands in a thicket of willow bushes on a cloudy afternoon in Roosevelt National Forest, Colorado. Moose are of one of the most charismatic animals in Colorado and their megafauna status always impresses photographers. Join professional nature photographer, Dawn Wilson, to photograph the Shiras moose on the western side of Rocky Mountain National Park or northern Colorado. 

DATES: Any date(s) from August 14-31, 2022
LOCATION: Grand Lake or Walden, Colorado
RATE: $950 per person; due in full at registration
GROUP SIZE: max of 2

This private photo tour will include some walking and cool mornings. The high elevation of the park should be considered for those with any health concerns or those who live at lower elevations. Ideal for beginner to advanced photographers, this custom tour will provide opportunities to photograph moose in willow bottoms, rivers, set against the Rocky Mountains and forests. Dawn has been photographing moose in these areas for nearly 20 years and knows where to look and what behaviors to watch for to capture beautiful images of these massive mammals. Moose_RMNP_2021_11Moose_RMNP_2021_11A bull moose (Alces alces) walks out from the thick willows on a sunny but hazy morning in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

- We will begin the day at sunrise looking for moose. Locations are wooded, willow habitat and river bottoms.
- We will head back to town for a  large lunch and a little downtime at the hotel. This will be the main meal of the day as we will return late in the evening
- In the late afternoon, we will head back out to look for moose.
- Throughout the day, we will chat about photography, moose, wildlife, the region and laugh over fun stories about being around animals. 

- guide service
- photography instruction
- transportation to and from photo locations and lodging

Moose_Brainard_2015_3Moose_Brainard_2015_3A bull moose (Alces alces) walks through Brainard Lake on a sunny morning at Brainard Lake National Recreation Area near Ward, Colorado WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED
- all meals; we will eat together
- transportation to and from home to lodging
- hotel accommodations; I have recommendations in Grand Lake and Walden

- Remember to bring hat, gloves and warm jacket. It can get cold at elevation in the mountains, especially in the mornings and evenings.
- Bring lots of water and snacks each day to keep you hydrated in the dry climate and high altitude.
- Fly into Denver, rent a car and drive to Grand Lake (approximately three hours) or Walden (approximately three and a half hours). In certain situations, depending on times, I may be able to arrange pick-up and drop-off services to and from Denver International Airport.


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