Learn how to photograph wildlife and landscapes with professional photographer, Dawn Wilson

Moose_GTNP_2019_2Moose_GTNP_2019_2A bull moose (Alces alces) walks through an aspen forest in early fall colors on a wet, rainy day in Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming. Join professional wildlife photographer, writer and Master Naturalist, Dawn Wilson, for personal photography instruction or just to go out and see the animals and landscapes of Colorado, including Rocky Mountain National Park.

These are unstructured outings designed to be unique for each participant. The outing will be limited to one or two people for individual instruction and guiding based on the goals, interests and level of the student. The location is based on dates and goals for photos.

Outing includes:

- personal instruction
- travel to and from destination, including pick up at your lodging
- guiding to spot wildlife, including instruction on how to find the animals
- landscape destinations at sunrise and/or sunset as well as other landscape
   destinations during the day to prepare you for future visits


Cost: $485 per person for a full day; $350 per person for a half day; $65 each additional person (maximum of three people)

Contact Dawn Wilson at [email protected]
for more information.

Lily_Lake_sunset_2019_1Lily_Lake_sunset_2019_1A beautiful sky fills with color at sunset above Lily Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.    Elk_RMNP_2017_26Elk_RMNP_2017_26A bull elk (Cervus elaphus) stops and bugles on a snowy morning in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado