Dawn Wilson Photography | RV Livin': My favorite shots from my first six months

RV Livin': My favorite shots from my first six months

March 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

So today marks the official six month anniversary of when I took off down the road in my RV. 

In those six months I have taken 22,865 photos. Most of the subjects are wildlife but I have also been branching out to photograph more landscapes. Ideally I am seeking wildlife in the landscape, but those shots are some of the hardest to successfully obtain. 

So here is a list of my favorite 12 photos from my adventures in an RV. Roll over each image to read a little about the shot.

Thank you for sharing in my adventure with me. Feel free to forward the link to friends and family so they can also learn more about this beautiful country. 


Opossum_Fontainbleau_2015_2Opossum_Fontainbleau_2015_2An opossum (Didelphis virginiana) sits in the grass at sunset in Fontainbleau State Park near Mandeville, Louisiana. My goal for this trip is to photograph all the mammals of North America (with a complete understanding that I just may not get all of the squirrels, mice and voles that exist). Opossums were one of the animals I had never photographed. And since we do not have opossums in Colorado, this mammal was high on my list. This state park on Lake Ponchartrain is full of opossums but most come out after dark. This one, however, decided he wanted to see what the world looked like in the warm light of the setting sun.



Brown_pelican_Salton_Sea_2015_4Brown_pelican_Salton_Sea_2015_4A brown pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis) works on flipping a fish into his bill on a sunny morning at Salton Sea, California


Elk_RMNP_2015_10Elk_RMNP_2015_10A cow elk (Cervus elaphus) pauses while eating some dried flowers in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. This is what I was off photographing the morning I met Richard. Funny how some timing can work out.


Mountain_goat_Mt_Evans_2015_8Mountain_goat_Mt_Evans_2015_8A close up of a mountain goat (Oreamnos americanus) eats alpine plants on Mount Evans in Colorado. The road to the top was open quite a bit later this year because of some road construction earlier in the season. It was wonderful to be able to spend a few days up there in the fall colors thanks to the convenience of the RV.


Desert_bighorn_ram_CO_Natl_Mon_2015_2Desert_bighorn_ram_CO_Natl_Mon_2015_2A desert bighorn ram (Ovis canadensis), which is a subspecies of the Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, stands on a rocky ledge in the early morning light at Colorado National Monument near Fruita, Colorado. This photo appeared as a full-page shot in the Coloradoan to accompany my article about Colorado National Monument. I have really enjoyed the ability to combine my interests in writing and photography to help keep the RV going down the road.


Chimney_Rock_Fall_Colors_2015_2Chimney_Rock_Fall_Colors_2015_2The clouds of an approaching storm behind Chimney Rock light up in shades of pink, purple and orange at sunset in the Uncompahgre National Forest, Colorado. I haven't had too many great sunrises or sunsets on this adventure. Some I have missed because I just needed the sleep. Many days have just been too clear or too cloudy. It is, however, making me appreciate the few days I have had the opportunity to photograph a perfect sunrise or sunset, such as this evening near Ridgway.


Red_cross_fox_GTNP_2016_6Red_cross_fox_GTNP_2016_6A cross fox (Vulpes vulpes) walks through the snow on a sunny afternoon in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. This fox has had many, many photos taken of her. On a few days I actually left the area because of the volume of photographers but it was wonderful to spend a few hours with her over the course of a few days.


Bison_YNP_2016_5Bison_YNP_2016_5A bull bison (Bison bison) covered in ice walks towards the camera near Biscuit Basin in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. This bison was photographed on a morning when the temps had dipped to -33 degrees. I was in the park with a few friends to photograph a bobcat. We never saw the bobcat but I was very, very happy to get this shot of the bison walking towards me out of the foggy forest.


Dawn_and_huskies_YosemiteDawn_and_huskies_YosemiteDawn and her huskies sit in front of the sign for Yosemite National Park, California. Although this isn't one of the best photos of me by any means, it does remind me of how much I am happy to be traveling with my doggies. Nanook, the black and white husky in this photo, is not doing well. To be expected considering he is only 2 months shy of turning 15 years old. It has been wonderful to share this adventure with these crazy canines, especially in a place as beautiful as Yosemite National Park.


Red_Fox_GTNP-2016_5Red_Fox_GTNP-2016_5A red fox (Vulpes vulpes) comes up to his partner and gives her a peck on the nose on a snowy afternoon in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. These top three photos were hard to arrange in order. Fox are one of my favorite animals to photograph and this tender moment between this mating pair really captured my heart.


Firefall_Yosemite_2016_6Firefall_Yosemite_2016_6Clouds pass by the wall of El Capitan at sunset as the backlit water of Horsetail Fall lights up in what appears to be liquid gold in Yosemite National Park, California. This photo took four years in the making. I'll have a specific post in the coming weeks about the work behind this shot but just think of how Mother Nature delivers the elements you need for a perfect shot when you persevere, stay patient, and stay dedicated to your vision.


Bobcat_Yosemite_2016_6Bobcat_Yosemite_2016_6A bobcat (Lynx rufus) walks through a wooded area in Yosemite National Park, California. Richard and I spent four hours with this cat. As I mentioned on the image of the frosty bison, I have traveled to specific locations just to photograph bobcats. In the last six months I have seen a total six bobcats, four more than I had ever seen before heading out on the road. But this encounter with this feline was one of the most magical I had ever had with a wild animal. We watched him hunt, almost get pet by a tourist (I still can't believe how close that man thought was appropriate with a wild cat), get chased off by a family of deer, and relax in the shade of some trees. It was a very special day.


Feel free to email me at Dawn@DawnWilsonPhotography.com if you are interested in purchasing prints of any of these photographs.




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